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Explosions Rocked in Occupied Donetsk

In Donetsk, temporarily controlled by Russian invaders, explosions were heard on the night of August 24. After the incident, a fire broke out on the territory of a store near Panfilov Avenue in the central part of the city.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to local Telegram channels.

There were several night explosions in Donetsk. Before that, propaganda resources talked about the shelling.

The network reports a fire at a store on Panfilov Ave., as well as that the Vishnevsky hospital was damaged.

At present, there is no official information about the causes of the explosions and data on “arrivals”.

After the explosions in Donetsk, footage from the scene was published in public.

Explosions in occupied Donetsk

Donetsk was occupied by Russian invaders back in 2014. However, only recently explosions have become more frequent in the city temporarily controlled by the interventionists. In particular, they record arrivals in clusters of Russians or their ammunition and equipment depots.

It should be noted that Ukrainian officials and the military “work” only on the Russian occupiers and do not attack civilians.

For example, on August 23, it also became known about explosions in the center of occupied Donetsk .

Before that, on August 14, explosions once again thundered in the temporarily occupied Donetsk . The network again reported about the “arrival” of the invaders in the area of ​​​​the Topaz plant.

We also recall that on July 13, local residents in Donetsk reported an “arrival” in the area of ​​​​the Topaz plant , which was developing complexes for long-range electronic intelligence and early warning air defense systems in this city.

Source : RBC.UA