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Kadyrov Told How His Fighters Blew Up a Russian Communications Tower in the Belgorod Region

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, published a post that fighters of the West-Akhmat battalion hit a communications tower in the Belgorod region. Russian state publications outside Chechnya did not write about this.

Details . Kadyrov’s post appeared on his channel on Tuesday evening, it is dedicated to the successes of the West-Akhmat battalion and the Aida group of the Akhmat special forces. “The first deprived the enemy of communications by hitting a repeater tower in the Belgorod region with a precise volley,” the publication says.

  • According to Kadyrov, after the defeat of the tower in the Russian region, the “enemy” lost contact and was unable to call for reinforcements. Thanks to this, Zapad-Akhmat was able to seize the initiative and “destroy the enemy,” the head of Chechnya wrote.
  • The head of Chechnya attached a video to the post, which shows the shot and the explosion on the tower that followed it. The Belgorod telegram channel “Ashes” drew attention to this post .
  • The attack by Chechen fighters on an infrastructure facility in the Russian region was also reported, with reference to Kadyrov, by the Chechen state agency Grozny-inform and the Grozny TV channel. At the same time, the 360 ​​TV channel of the Moscow region government published this news without reporting where the tower hit by Akhmat was located. The federal state agencies TASS and RIA Novosti, which often write notes on Kadyrov’s posts, this time ignored the message of the head of Chechnya.

Context . Chechen units sent to the war in Ukraine were repeatedly criticized for filming staged videos in the Russian rear. Because of such videos, Kadyrov’s men are often called “tik-tok troops.”

  • The Chechen authorities sent Zapad-Akhmat fighters to the Belgorod region in June. Then Kadyrov explained that they would be engaged in “preventing sabotage attacks.”
  • In August, Kadyrov already published a video of Zapad-Akhmat fighters striking Russian territory in the Belgorod region, Ash wrote .

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