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Venezuela Denounces Impact of Sanctions at UNESCO

The official pointed out during the 42nd General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scienfic and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that Venezuela is facing hostile actions that attack sectors such as education, science, technology, communication and sports.

“Despite these measures, the Venezuelan Government has not stopped making social investments,” he said, regarding the aggressive policy of the United States and its consequences.

According to Medina, despite the complex scenario, Venezuela maintains its commitment to strengthening the university sector and education in general.

“We can mention inclusive access, the universalization of higher education and the creation of new universities,” he said.

The deputy minister considered that the UNESCO General Conference is a space that Venezuela values due to the importance of getting acquainted with what other States are doing and the possibilities of cooperation and sharing experiences, and because it is also an opportunity “to raise our voice and strongly return to international forums in person after the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Source: Prensa Latina