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Team Brazil’s Youtube Channel, the Most-followed

The 2023 Santiago Pan American Games ended last Sunday, and the good results of Team Brazil surpassed the sports’ scope, extending to the digital world. With free broadcasts and five channels for viewers, Team Brazil’s YouTube channel recorded more than 40 million views and gained 137,000 new subscribers, reaching the mark of 254,000 followers.

Because of this growth, COB has become the world’s most-followed National Olympic Committee on YouTube, surpassing Team USA and its 245,000 subscribers. Also, the COB website, which provided daily coverage of all modalities with Brazilian representatives, had a 500% increase in visits.

“The Pan American Games in Santiago were historic in every way. In sporting terms, our athletes broke a new record of achievements. Behind the scenes, we were able to provide multiplatform coverage, bringing all the details of Team Brazil’s to the public. These numbers show the potential of Olympic sports, which have a special place in the hearts of Brazilians,” says Paulo Wanderley, President of COB.

In terms of social media, the one that grew the most was Instagram. In the last 30 days, Team Brazil’s profile gained about 111,000 followers, registered increases of 123% in number of accounts reached, and 190% with regard to the accounts that engaged with the posts. There were also eight posts with more than one million views, and one of them surpassed the 2.5 million views mark.

“The young public bought into our coverage of the Santiago Pan. We also approach the US on Instagram, which puts us in a good position for Paris 2024. The portion of the population that consumed the event on our platforms was between 25 and 45 years old,” says Paulo Conde, Communications Director of COB.

This was the largest coverage ever made by COB communication, with more than 50 people involved in about 700 hours of live broadcasts directly from Chile. In the sporting part, Team Brazil left Santiago with its best performance in the history of the Pan American Games, with 205 medals won, and 40 spots confirmed for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Source: Insidethegames