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Celltrion to Supply Remsima to Brazil Gov’t in Three-year Row

South Korea’s Celltrion Healthcare Co. announced on Friday its autoimmune disease treatment Remsima (ingredient: infliximab) has won a bid for the Brazilian federal government for three consecutive years.

The company is set to supply 360,000 vials of Remsima in the first half of next year. The federal government’s demand constitutes 60% of the Brazilian infliximab component pharmaceutical market, and Celltrion Healthcare has been the sole supplier of Remsima to the federal government for the past two years.

The company also noted its consistent success in securing public procurement deals through bids put up by state governments.

Celltrion Healthcare expects that the recently launched Remsima SC, the Remsima subcutaneous injection version, introduced in Brazil in July, will generate synergies in sales in the future.

Celltrion Healthcare has also introduced Remsima SC in other Central and South American countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Chile. The company is gearing up for the release of additional products, including a biosimilar for autoimmune diseases Yuflyma, and a biosimilar used in metastatic colorectal cancer Vegzelma starting next year.

Source: Kedglobal