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GTIS Brazil Funds Rank as the Most Sustainable Private Equity Real Estate Funds in South America

GTIS Partners (“GTIS”), a global real estate investment firm managing $4.5 billion in gross assets, is pleased to announce that the GTIS Brazil Real Estate Fund I has been recognized as this year’s most sustainable private equity real estate fund in South America by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (“GRESB”). This is the ninth consecutive year the fund holds the top position, scoring 92 out of 100 points. GTIS Brazil Fund III was ranked second, scoring 89 points and GTIS Brazil Real Estate Fund II scored 77 points.

The GRESB assessment is a global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmark, thoughtfully tailored for the real estate sector. It systematically evaluates funds and benchmarks their performances against counterparts in their peer groups. This year witnessed an unprecedented level of engagement, with a total of 2,084 participants, an increase of 15% from last year’s survey, representing nearly 170,000 assets valued at $7.2 trillion. The engagement further reflects the real estate industry’s commitment to reporting on ESG matters with transparency.

GTIS has actively engaged in the GRESB survey for its Brazil-based funds since 2012, pioneering its dedication to sustainability and governance in the country. The firm received the 10-year Founding member award from GRESB in 2022. Nine consecutive years of maintaining the highest GRESB ranked fund demonstrates GTIS’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and governance practices, as it consistently strives to make a positive impact on local communities.

The integration of ESG practices remains paramount to GTIS’s strategy for all Brazil funds. Specifically, last year the firm was awarded the EDGE Certification for its Cambuci project, an affordable multifamily residential building located in the Sáo Paulo downtown area. EDGE is a green building certification system focused on making developments more resource efficient. It is provided by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and enables developers and builders to quickly identify the most cost-effective strategies to reduce energy and water use, as well as to lower the embodied energy of materials to incorporate into project designs.

Other examples of the firm’s sustainability initiatives undertaken in 2022 and accounted for in the GRESB 2023 survey include comprehensive technical assessments to identify optimization opportunities within the systems, such as reconfiguring office building lighting schedules, ESG campaigns among the tenants, and installing LED-lighting.

Source: Prnewswire