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Venezuela Reacts to Israel Atomic Bomb Threats

Through a statement, Venezuela expresses its repudiation of the statements of a Zionist minister who threatened all of humanity by announcing the possibility of resorting to a nuclear attack against the Gaza civilians.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its repudiation and astonishment at the statements of an Israel minister, who has threatened all of humanity, by announcing the possibility of resorting to a nuclear attack against the defenseless population of the Gaza Strip, in the midst of an ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people,” said the statement, Ultimas Noticias reports.

The Israeli minister’s statements are a serious transgression of all international agreements and a demonstration that Israel has degenerated into a threat to life on the planet. The International Community must react immediately and stop these extermination actions, contrary to all global laws and norms.

Venezuela urges the organs of the United Nations System to condemn Israel, for which it demands that an International Court be immediately established to judge War Crimes and the threats, which without any shame, are launched by the gang of criminals that govern that regime.

Speaking in a radio interview, Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu said Sunday that one of Israel’s options in the war against Hamas is to drop a “nuclear bomb” on the Gaza Strip.

Eliyahu also backed rebuilding the Israeli settlements, adding that Palestinians can “go to Ireland or deserts”.

The Israeli minister also voiced objection to allowing any humanitarian aid into Gaza, saying, “We wouldn’t hand the Nazis humanitarian aid”.

He also insisted that the northern part of the Gaza Strip has no right to exist, pointing out that anyone waving a Palestinian or Hamas flag “shouldn’t continue to live on the face of the earth.

His comments were termed as “a horrifying and insane remark,” by Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition party and former prime minister, asking the Prime Minister Netanyahu to “fire” Eliyahu.

The proposal to nuke Gaza by the extremist minister comes from the Tel Aviv regime which has carpeted Gaza with bombs.

In its latest barbaric attack, the Tel Aviv regime bombarded the Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday evening which left 45 Palestinians killed and a hundred others injured, according to a report published on Sunday by the Hamas Ministry of Health.

Source: Mehr News