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Littlepay Drives Payment Progress in Peru by Implementing Contactless Payments Across Bus Network

System integrator SIMA, which operates the existing AEMUS fare collection system in Peru, has partnered with Littlepay to add contactless payments to its infrastructure.

Didier Muguet, LATAM regional manager at Littlepay, said: “We are very proud to be part of the first deployment of an integrated transit infrastructure in Peru. AEMUS is driving progress in the region, paving the way for many more innovations in the future.”

SC Soft provides the validators with the new addition of a Planeta VSAM, a small modular add-on that fits into a spare SAM slot to rapidly enable full EMV processing on the device. Planeta Informatica, the provider of the VSAM, and Littlepay have a plug-and-play pre-integrated solution that enables EMV to be ‘switched on’ with almost no development required at the device level.

This can be a game changer for operators looking for a quick and easy path to accepting bank cards on their transit services. The merchant acquiring services are provided by IZIPAY via Visa’s Cybersource gateway.

“Uniting the local transportation ecosystem”

AEMUS is a syndicate of transit operators running bus services in the Lima and Callao metropolitan areas that promotes sustainable mobility in the city. The four founding companies Urbanito, Etuchisa, Nueva America and La50 formed the organisation to provide an inclusive, safe, reliable network in the region.

Now, they are investing independently in the deployment of open-loop payments across their network. The founding companies are introducing the new payment option on the first 400 buses with plans to expand it within the next month to the entire network of 1000 vehicles.

This is the first implementation of an integrated ticketing infrastructure in Peru giving residents, commuters and tourists the opportunity to pay for fares by tapping their contactless card on any AEMUS route.

Luis Edgardo Ramirez Garcia, general manager at AEMUS, also commented: “Our aim, by uniting the local transportation ecosystem, was to transform the lack of coordination and lack of efficiency of the current urban transportation into a harmonized system.

“Beginning with the introduction of the contactless digital payment method, called MOVILIZATE Card. The alliance with multiple transit operators allows us to provide a unified service with integrated fares and promotions.”

Muguet concluded: “It’s amazing to see the innovation that happens when a system integrator and modular partners work together. This has been an incredible opportunity for Littlepay to show that our modularity truly means we can support the needs of any transit system.”

Source: The Fintech Times