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Next-gen Renault (Duster) Oroch Compact Truck Looks Cool Enough to Scare Ford’s Maverick

The company just showcased the Renault Niagara Concept and Kardian compact truck and crossover SUV models as the first examples of their new Renault Group modular architecture. The latter has an international focus and will be produced in four major regions – Latin America, Turkey, Morocco, and India. The powertrains are also new, with traditional ICE-powered, flex-fuel (E100), MHEV (48V), and full hybrid options, complete with FWD and 4WD applications.

The first two of them are front and center already – the Kardian subcompact crossover SUV that feels like a French take on the popular Dacia Sandero Stepway hatchback and the Niagara Concept, a pickup truck powered by new E-Tech hybrid 4WD technology. And since we started with the Dacia parallels, we should all just discuss the elephant in the china shop – this is probably an excellent preview for the next generation of Renault’s (Duster) Oroch compact unibody pickup truck produced in Brazil and Colombia.

In fact, we are not the only ones thinking about that – even the imaginative realm of digital car content creators decided that this is the way forward. So, Kleber Silva, a Brazil-based virtual artist known as KDesign AG on social media, has decided to have a CGI go at imagining the second-gen Oroch. The latter has been around since the fall of 2015 as a four-door pickup truck inspired by Dacia’s popular Duster subcompact SUV, which has a Renault face across Latin America.

The French automaker updated the Renault Duster Oroch last spring – and also lost the Duster part of the nameplate along the way. Luckily, it gained a lot of cool things, like revised exterior and interior styling, new safety systems, an upgraded infotainment system, and also gained a new powertrain. Thus, along with the 188-hp 1.6-liter, there was also a fresh 1.3-liter turbo mill to fight better the likes of Fiat’s Strada or the Chevrolet Montana.

As far as the pixel master is concerned, Renault deserves to fight the new Chevy Montana and Ram Rampage with a new Oroch weapon – forged in the CGI crucible of fire out of the Niagara Concept as a base of operations mixed with Dacia Bigster details and Renault’s trendy new design ethos. The result is quite spectacular, indeed, and if this futuristic vision ever came to life, it would deserve lots of appreciation from adventurous compact pickup truck buyers.

Frankly, if you want our two cents on the matter, we wouldn’t mind Renault bringing it to North America either as a way to fight the best-selling Ford Maverick and ritzier Hyundai Santa Cruz on equal ICE-powered and E-Tech 4WD

Source: Autoevolution