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Brazil’s President Condemns Killing of 3,000 Palestinian Children

Brazil’s president has denounced the attacks waged by the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip, which have resulted in the killing of more than 3,500 children, according to official figures.

Speaking at the Planalto Palace, Luiz Inacio Lula da Lula said the conflict in Israel is an example of violence in which children make up many of the victims.

“I see 3,000 children in the Gaza Strip succumb to a war that they didn’t promote, that they didn’t ask for, that they didn’t claim. Are the irresponsible people who waged the war mourning the deaths of these children? Are they feeling the weight of things?” he asked.

On social media, he singled out the United Nations for its inability to stop the aggression in Israel.

“For the first time, we are seeing a war in which most of the dead are children. Nobody takes responsibility, and we haven’t even managed to get a UN letter arguing for a ceasefire. Stop it! For God’s sake, stop!” wrote Lula on X.

Following a Hamas surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7, the Israeli army has carried out relentless attacks on Palestinians, including recent airstrikes on a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths, including children.

So far Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US government, Israel’s main ally and military sponsor, have rejected international calls for a cease-fire.

Source: AA