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France Says China Provides Military Support to Russia

China can provide military assistance to Russia in the war of conquest against Ukraine.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to CNN .

French presidential adviser on foreign policy Emmanuel Bonnet was asked if the West has seen evidence that China is somehow arming Russia in the war in Ukraine.

“Yes, there are indications that they are doing things that we would like them not to do,” he said.

Asked if China is supplying arms, Bonn said: “Well…military equipment…as we know, he is supplying significant military capacity to Russia.”

French officials told CNN that Bonn was referring to both dual-use technology and non-lethal aid such as helmets and body armor.

“Most of all, we need China to abstain. We need them to understand that Ukraine is a conflict on a global scale and that we cannot offer Ukraine to lose for reasons of principle, and also for reasons that are very operational. And what is at stake for us in Ukraine is much more than, as you know, the sovereignty of Ukraine. It is about stability in the world,” I said.

He stressed that China should not supply weapons and provide economic support to Russia.

Ties between China and Russia

China began to maintain closer ties with the Russian Federation after the start of a full-scale invasion. In particular, Beijing refused to join the sanctions imposed by the United States against the aggressor country.

China and Russia share a mutual interest in challenging US dominance in the world order as their relations with democracies become increasingly strained.

Note that the United States has repeatedly warned China against providing Russia with assistance in the war against Ukraine or assisting in evading sanctions.

In addition, China has influence on the Russian Federation. In particular, Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally warned Russian dictator Vladimir Putin against a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

Source : RBC-Ukraine