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Putin Announced the Absence of Results of the Ukrainian Counter-offensive

Moscow. 21 July. INTERFAX.RU – Western curators of Kyiv are clearly disappointed by the lack of results of the Kyiv offensive, neither the supply of weapons, nor thousands of foreign mercenaries are helping, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“Today, it is clear that the Western curators of the Kiev regime are clearly disappointed with the results of the so-called counter-offensive, which the current Ukrainian authorities loudly announced in previous months. There are no results, at least not yet,” Putin said at a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council on Friday.

“Neither the colossal resources that were pumped into the Kiev regime, nor the supply of Western weapons, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, missiles, nor the sending of thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisers, who were most actively used in attempts to break through the front of our army, help,” the head of state stressed.

According to Putin, additional supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine cause some damage to Russia, but this only leads to a prolongation of the conflict.

“This, of course, causes us some damage, prolongs the conflict. But NATO arsenals and stocks of old Soviet weapons in some states are largely depleted, and production capacities in the West do not allow us to quickly replenish the consumption of reserves in equipment and ammunition,” he said.

“Great resources and time are needed. And most importantly, as a result of suicidal attacks, the formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered huge losses,” the president stressed.

The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to Putin, amount to tens of thousands of people. He noted that “despite the constant raids and the ongoing mobilization in the cities and villages of Ukraine, it is increasingly difficult for the current regime to drive new replenishment to the front.”

“The country’s mobilization resource is being depleted,” the president of the Russian Federation asserts.

Putin also noted that the command of the special military operation is acting professionally. “Our soldiers and officers, units and formations fulfill their duty to the Motherland courageously, steadfastly, heroically,” the president said.

“The whole world sees that the vaunted Western, supposedly invulnerable equipment is on fire, and in terms of its tactical and technical data, it is often even inferior to some types of Soviet-made weapons,” the head of state added.

Source : Interfax