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Dads From Across Columbia Gather for Father’s Day Luncheon

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Dads from across Columbia gathered, Friday, for a Father’s Day celebration at the Earlewood Park Community Center

They ate, played cards and other games, and connected with local fathers. 

“I’m so glad I came, I got fellowship with quite a few men,” said James “Butch” Green. “I think there’s about 35 men in attendance.”

Green was thinking about his own father as he played spades with other dads. 

“My father was a great father,” Green said. “His name was James Green Sr. I got a great example of being a father from him.”

For some of the dads who attended like Green, a father of four, the holiday on Sunday is about having pride in your family. 

“Being a father, seeing them grow up from babies all the way to adulthood, and some of them being parents themselves,” Green said. “That gives me great pride and I feel as if I’ve done something good.”

For others, like Christopher Goodwin, Father’s Day is bittersweet. 

“It means a lot to me because I lost my middle child about four years ago,” Goodwin said. “Missing him and watching my other kids grow, it’s been a real experience for me. It’s been hard sometimes but sometimes you just have to enjoy life while you have a chance.” 

Goodwin also came with his own father and his uncle. 

“Reminiscing of time when we were growing up, to times now, and him talking about his grandkids,” Goodwin said. 

Columbia Parks and Recreation hosted the event to show support for dads like Green and Goodwin. 

“That they are appreciated, not just today and not just on Father’s Day but all year round,” said Parks and Recreation Special Events Coordinator Kim Glasgow. “And that there is a community of other dads who just wanna have fun just like them, so they’re not in this by themselves.” 

The community event ended with a raffle so dads could win some gifts, none more important than their children. 

“If you are a father, spend as much time as you can with your children,” Goodwin said. “Because they grow up so fast.” 

Source : News19