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Mexico Announce U23 European Tour with Friendly Against France

Mexico has announced they will be playing an European tour with their U23 team and announced a match against France to be played in Grenoble as part of it. Supposedly more matches will be confirmed, but so far the match against France is the only one of the tour set already. Mexico would need to name a U23 head coach, although rumors are strong that it will be Gerardo Espinoza, current coach of Club Tapatio, who is expected to take the job after his participation in the current Liga de Expansion season ends.

Mexico’s U23s will be part of a very busy summer, although the need of it is dubious. Mexico’s disastrous performance in the 2022 U20 Championship not only cost Mexico their participation in the 2023 U20 World Cup, but also the 2024 Olympic Games, which is the competition that the U23s should have been preparing for. Thus it’s no surprise that France, as host country, is already preparing for the competition. On the other hand, Mexico will only have the 2023 Pan American Games later in the year as a tournament of importance for the U23s. Mexico should also have the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in the summer, but so far the National Team hasn’t made any announcement of what team will be sent to the competition in San Salvador. Still, Mexico has taken advantage to get a Euro tour for the U23s, although without a coach named yet. While Mexico is expected to name ex-Necaxa coach Andres Lillini as the head of the Youth National team and Espinoza as the U23 coach, neither change is official yet.

The friendly against France will take place in Grenoble, France at Stade des Alpes. No word yet on the rest of the matches or where they will take place, just that there will be a European tour. The 2023 Central American and Caribbean games will take place from June 23 to July 8, so if the U23 team will take part in it, the tour would have to end by that time. The U20 team is also expected to play in the 2023 Maurice Revello Tournament earlier in the month. Either way, a lot of activity is expected for a team that although missing the major tournament next year, should still make the most of what it can for the players who missed the tournament through no fault of their own.

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