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Robert Kennedy Jr. says Biden ‘Should Have Closed Borders’ Amid Immigration ‘Crisis’

Democrat presidential contender Robert Kennedy Jr. on Sunday slammed President Biden’s immigration policy — asserting “we should have closed borders.”

In an interview with John Catsimatidis on WABC 7 The Cats Roundtable, Kennedy defended his view amid a worsening migrant crisis under the Biden administration.

“We should have closed borders, and we should expand immigration,” Kennedy said.

“It’s not racist or insensitive to say that we need to close our borders and have an orderly immigration policy. I would expand legal immigration to this country that’s orderly, that makes sense for our country, but also that our borders are impervious.”

According to Kennedy, children are being victimized “by these open-door policies” that have helped create a “humanitarian crisis” on the U.S.-Mexico border with fentanyl and other drugs flowing across.

“We have a crisis, and we need to close our border,” Kennedy said.

Biden is sending 1,500 troops to the southern border in anticipation of a surge of migrants when Title 42 expires Thursday, ending the pandemic-era measure that allowed for the rapid expulsion of asylum seekers. 

Kennedy blamed the nation’s decades-long policy in Central and South America countries as contributing to internal strife and poverty. He said the US has been involved in wars in virtually every country in Central America with the exception of Costa Rica, a relatively stable nation compared with its neighbors.

The surge is crushing New York City as well — now so overwhelmed with an influx of migrants that Mayor Adams is redirecting some to hotels in Rockland and Orange counties and repurposing city gyms into make-shift shelters.

Kennedy said he also differs with the Democratic incumbent, Kennedy on a more personal level, noting : “Mr. Biden is for censorship. I’m against it.”

“The White House, we now know from the Twitter files, has been trying to censor me, ordering, and pressuring the social media platforms to censor me and many many other people,” he said. “Anybody who dissents from some of [Biden’s] policies … That is something that is wholly antithetical to the Democratic Party.”.

Foreign policy marks another issue on which Kennedy and Biden disagree.

“I think his policy of expanding the war … in Ukraine is misguided and extremely dangerous,” he said, asserting Biden wants strong man Vladimir Putin replaced in Russia.

“Those are existential threats to Russia that [mean] they simply cannot afford to lose this war,” he said. “We are … in a geo-political proxy war with the Russians that has already killed more than 300,000 Ukrainians [and resulted in] 60% unemployment rate.”

In general, Kennedy claimed the projection of US military power has been a “failed philosophy” while China has pushed economic power.

Kennedy’s campaign comes with its own baggage.  

Kennedy Jr. was once best known as an environmental lawyer who worked on issues like clean water. In recent years, however, he’s emerged as one of the leading opponents of vaccines — a contrarian stance that intensified after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine development to protect against the virus. 

The anti-vaccination crusader has been booted off both Instagram and YouTube for spreading false information about the COVID vaccine.

He has also repeatedly referred to Nazis and the Holocaust when speaking about measures taken to mitigate the spread of the deadly virus, like vax and mask mandates. 

Some of RFK Jr.’s relatives are supporting Biden’s re-election.

Source : New York Post