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Months After Jay Monahan Suspended Brooks Koepka for His $100,000,000 Decision, The LIV Golfer Reveals His True Feelings for PGA Tour Commissioner

Ever since Brooks Koepka made the announcement that he would be playing in the LIV Golf league in 2022, he has been at the brunt of criticism and negative comments. He was also suspended by the PGA Tour from competition, citing a breach of contract and a violation of their code of conduct. But months later, Koepka has finally revealed what he truly thinks of his former Tour’s commissioner, Jay Monahan!

Brooks Koepka adds more fuel to the Masters

The 32-year-old joined LIV Golf in June 2022, after being offered with a whopping $100 million contract. Koepka was open and candid about his motivations, especially when he thought his future was in jeopardy. Apart from that, the LIV Golf was offering significant financial incentives and a different format of play. Although the decision of abandoning the PGA Tour had appeal, the PGA Tour officials took their actions and suspended him.

However, with Masters coming up Koepka has added some fuel after sharing his views about the PGA Tour officials especially Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan.

According to iNews, while revealing his feelings Koepka said, “I still love the PGA Tour. I’ve got nothing against them. A lot of guys I see on a daily basis around Jupiter still play on the PGA Tour. I have nothing against them. I have nothing against Jay [Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner].” 

USA Today via Reuters

Having won the 2022 LIV Golf Invitational Jeddah, Koepka has already started making history in the Saudi-funded league. Having no hard feelings for the PGA Tour officials, the 4-time major winner will undoubtedly try to show the world his true potential amid his steady return to form. However, Koepka might feel a touch underprepared for golf as this weekend’s LIV tournament in Orlando will be only his third of the year.

Brooks Koepka’s stand amid the tensions

Koepka’s suspension undoubtedly provoked discussion among viewers and pundits. While some contend that athletes should be free to select the tours, others hold that adherence to one tour is crucial. Whatever be the point of view, it is obvious that this incident has drawn attention to the nuanced interactions between players, tours, and the sport as a whole.

USA Today via Reuters

However, Koepka, for his part, has no animosity towards the previous Tour. How could he? Since Koepka’s game is coming back, he is immersed in the new world in a way that the old would never have allowed.

Besides the money, LIV players feel that the LIV values them more than the PGA Tour ever did. The team system, which gives the players partial ownership of the product, and which Koepka has passionately embraced, is how the LIV community expresses a sense of belonging.

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