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Colombia Arrests 52 Linked to International Drug Trade

Colombian authorities have arrested 52 people linked to international drug trafficking in a major operation supported by the United States, France and Spain, the defence ministry announced.

Of those arrested, 34 were under “current extradition orders”, Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez said following the operation on Wednesday.

After two years of investigation, Colombian authorities uncovered the suspects during an operation which lasted two months, and resulted in the seizure of “four tonnes of cocaine worth $134 million,” he added.

The ministry said the suspects “were linked to international Mexican organisations such as the Sinaloa Cartel, Jalisco New Generation, Los Zetas as well as European organizations such as Clan Devesa.”

Those arrested included Mexicans Carlos Omar Felix and Silvano Francisco Mariano from the Sinaloa cartel accused of trafficking fentanyl to the United States.

A Slovak citizen, Michal Pis, accused of marketing methamphetamines in his country, the Czech Republic and Germany, was also among those detained, along with a British man who coordinated shipping drugs to Belgium and a Chilean money launderer.

Despite 40 years of fighting against drugs, Colombia remains the world’s leading producer of cocaine, with the United States as its main market.

Source : TRTWorld