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US Compensates Czech Republic for $200M Aid to Ukraine


The US has given $200 million to the Czech Republic as compensation for sending military weapons and equipment to Ukraine.

The donation is on top of the $106 million that Washington pledged last year under Foreign Military Financing.

According to the US Embassy in Prague, the money is intended to strengthen the European nation’s defense capabilities amid increasing threats in the region.

It will also be used to replenish stockpiles heavily diminished by supplying weapons to Kyiv.

Czech Aid to Ukraine

Since Russia began its “special military operation” in Ukraine, the Czech Republic has become one of the leading donors of armaments for Kyiv’s forces.

It sent a large number of modernized Soviet-made armored vehicles to increase the mobility of Ukrainian soldiers.

“I wrote a brief appeal to the brave Ukrainian defenders on the tank 72 that will be sent to Ukraine. I believe that Ukrainians will win in the fight against the Russian aggressor,” Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala wrote on Twitter.

Additionally, the Czech government authorized the participation of its citizens in the war as part of the Foreign Volunteer Legion.

Earlier this month, state-owned VOP CZ signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukroboronprom for the repair of Ukrainian vehicles in the Czech Republic.

Source: The Defense Post