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Group game in conflict management


The strength of any country is not limited only to the military and economic ones, but also to its alliances and expansion

The Ukraine war revealed the elements of strength and weakness in the #geo-political, #geo-strategic, and #geo-economic conflict worldwide.

The strength of any country is not only the military and economic strength, but also the strength and expansion of its alliances, and the weaknesses of any country that exceed what it has at home to what it does not have abroad, as well as competence and professionalism in managing what it has.

The basic game is the game of groups, and this was evident in the Ukraine war. Kiev, which was weakened by Moscow, found wide international support from Europe, America and Asia, and Russia, which wanted to overthrow the global system under America’s control to form a multipolar world order at the top, seemed isolated except for a few supporting countries. To her, the details are very expressive.

Europe, which the US Secretary of Defense called the days of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld, “the old continent” has regained its youth, and Robert Kagan said in the book “Heaven and Power” that “Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus” did not stand in reality, as the European Union includes 27 countries after Britain’s exit From him, the European political group consists of 44 countries and is currently searching for a “new security structure”, so what happened in eastern Eurasian Europe is “the deed of the birth of geo-political Europe and the strengthening of its defenses to prevent the outbreak of wars,” as the European Union’s top foreign policy and security official Josep said. Borrell, and President Emmanuel Macron begins the “war economy” and adds 413 billion euros to the French defense budget for the next seven years, and Chancellor Olaf Schultz requests the allocation of 100 billion euros to strengthen German defense, Poland and several European countries after America, Britain, France and Germany provide tanks, cannons and missiles to Ukraine, as well About the most important thing, which is the membership of many European countries in NATO, which has interests in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

America is the important power in “NATO” and the active party in the “Ocus” alliance that includes it with Britain and Australia, and the “Quad Group” consisting of America, India, Japan and Australia, and the “Five Eyes” alliance between America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and it has, as John says Eikenberry “partnerships with 60 countries in the world, and Asian countries are more afraid of being abandoned by America than being controlled,” in addition to establishing 800 military bases in the world, including bases in several countries of the Middle East.

Russia has no one left among the countries that were within the Soviet Union a full-fledged ally except for Belarus, whose President Alexander Lukashenko resorted to President Vladimir Putin to protect his regime from massive popular demonstrations against him because of the rigging of the elections won by opposition candidate Svetlana Tsimanoskaya after her husband, the opposition leader, was imprisoned and before she had to to flee from her country.

The Syrian war was an opportunity for Russian military intervention on the side of the regime and to restore some of the role that the Soviet Union had in the Middle East, and the new military and economic theater on which Moscow is playing is Africa, as it takes the place of the French forces in Burkina Faso and Mali through the “Wagner” mercenaries who also work In Libya, they are fighting on the front lines in Ukraine, and the Russian military base project in Sudan on the Red Sea is still a matter of debate, while in Syria Moscow has secured the Hmeimim Air Base and the Tartous Naval Base with a presence in Latakia.

China is the new great power militarily, economically and technologically, and it has only limited alliances with North Korea, Djibouti and a few other countries, and it is trying to expand its vital scope and alliances through the “Belt and Road” project that extends from countries in Asia to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, but the problem is that China’s neighbors are in Asia fears its hegemony more than they welcome its projects, and it is a winner in the geo-economic conflict. As for the geo-political and geo-strategic conflict, it is in a normal position, awaiting massive transformations, betting on it to form a “new world order that it controls with its power in place of America’s power,” according to the readings. In President Xi Jinping’s thinking.
The struggle at the top is intensifying, and what plays an influential role is the big difference in managing the conflict between those who practice policies that make strength weak and those who put policies that make weakness a strength.

Source: Independent Arabia