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Drusillas Park chooses ‘endangered’ name Nigel for rare monkey

A zoo has given its latest arrival, an endangered monkey, a name which is dying out among humans – Nigel.

Staff at Drusillas Park in East Sussex said they chose the name for the cotton-top tamarin monkey because it was “disappearing”.

The name Nigel has become increasingly rare in the UK, and the species of monkey is also critically endangered.

Head keeper Gemma Romanis said: “It made me feel a little sad that these names are disappearing.

“I thought it could be a fun tradition to give our most endangered animals names that no one chooses anymore.”

Native to Colombia’s rainforests, there are thought to be fewer than 6,000 cotton-top tamarins left in the wild.

Nigel, who was born on 17 December, was the eighth baby born to Florencia and Pato at Drusillas Park.

Ms Romanis added: “Cotton-tops are under threat of extinction in the wild due to extensive deforestation and the illegal pet trade……so the healthy arrival of Nigel provides a small but crucial boost for the population.

“I love the idea of some of our animals having quite traditional human names like Nigel, Bill, Carol, or Deidre.”

Source : BBC